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At DK Iron, we understand what's important for a residential family when it comes to fencing - safety, quality, and an enclosure that isn't detracting from the community appeal.  We want to keep your family safe, but at the same time provide a unique product that you can take pride in.  We specialize in wrought iron fencing by design. Iron will outlast wood and is just as practical as chain link.


Ornamental Iron Fencing


Fencing, porch enclosures, and railings can all be created as simple or as ornate as you can image. Keeping pets in, or perhaps pets out, may suit your needs. Or you may desire to prohibit solicitors and unwanted guests. Fences are built to the custom height of your choosing, many people prefer a four or five foot fence, but in some cases a six foot fence is the best choice. Gates can be incorporated at the width you desire. We build garden fences, pool fences, enclose side yards, or entire yards.

Custom Fencing


The cost of your fence will be unique. Factors in pricing include the height and wideth desired, the slope, size of the posts, and design. The more ornamental the design, the higher the cost. We will show you examples or work with you to invent your own unique fence. Another factor to consider is color - there are many options.

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